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Yizeng supplies Inconel 600/625, Incoloy 800/825, Hastelloy C22/C276, Monel 400/K500, Nickel 200 / 201, alloy 20, Available Product Forms: Plate, Sheets, Bar, Wire, Pipe, Tubing, Pipe Fittings, Flanges, Tube


Nickel Alloy Tube is one of Yingke Stainless Steel specialties.Include Corrosion Resistant Alloy and High Temperature alloy, Wear Resistant Alloy, Shape Memory Alloy, Nickel Precision Alloy. ASTM B163 B165 B167 B395 B407 B423 B444 B705 N04400 N06600 N06601 N06625 N06690 N08800 N08810 N08811 N08825 N08020 N08367 N08028 N06985 N06022 N10276 Each of the high nickel alloys described below has unique characteristics which should be considered prior to purchase. All of our Nickel Alloy Tube is seamless and cold drawn/rolling to size, and finished in bright annealing. custom manufactured to your specifications, and can be manufactured in lengths up to 60’.

Nickel Alloy Tubing Grade Comparion Chart

China GBUnified Digital CodeASTMUNS CodeEN CodeGrade
Ni68Cu28Fe-400N044002.4360Monel 400
--K500N055002.4375Monel K500
1Cr15Ni75FeNS3102600N066002.4816Inconel 600
1Cr23Ni60Fe13AlNS3103601N066012.4851Inconel 601
20Cr25Ni60Fe10AlY-602N060252.4633Nicrofer 6025HT
--617N066172.4663Inconel 617
0Cr20Ni65Mo10Nb4NS3306625N066252.4856Inconel 625
0Cr30Ni60Fe10NS3105690N066902.4642Inconel 690
0Cr20Ni32AlTiNS1101800N088001.4876Incoloy 800
1Cr20Ni32AlTiNS1102800HN088101.4958Incoloy 800H
1Cr20Ni32AlTiNS1102800HTN088111.4959Incoloy 800HT
0Cr21Ni42Mo3Cu2TiNS1402825N088252.4858Incoloy 825
00Cr15Ni60Mo16W5Fe5NS3304C276N102762.4819Hastelloy C276
00Cr17Ni57Mo13W3NS3308C22N060222.4602Hastelloy C22
-NS3405C2000N062002.4675Hastelloy C2000
00Ni70Mo28NS3202B2N106652.4617Hastelloy B2
00Mo28Ni65Fe1.5Cr1.5NS3203B3N106752.4600Hastelloy B3
0Cr20Ni35Mo3Cu3NbNS1403Alloy 20N080202.4660Incoloy 020
00Cr27Ni31Mo3Cu-Alloy 28N080281.4563Sanicro 28
00Cr27Ni31Mo7CuNNS1404Alloy 31N080311.4562Nicrofer 3127hMo
00Cr22Ni48Mo7Cu2NbNS3403G3N069852.4619Hastelloy G3
00Cr30Ni43Mo5.5W2.5Cu2NbNS3404G30N060302.4603Hastelloy G30
0Cr33Ni55Mo8-G35N060352.4643Hastelloy G35
0Cr15Ni70Ti3AlNbGH4145X750N077502.4669Inconel X750

Corrosion resistant Nickel Alloy Tube

Nickel’s high degree of corrosion resistance is due to the fact that it is a relatively noble metal within the galvanic electrochemical series of metals. Adding chrome, molybdenum, copper and other elements forms alloys with even higher resistance to oxidation and corrosion which makes it possible to use them in a wider range of applications. Seamless tubes and pipes made of corrosion resistant nickel-based alloys are the first choice for basic industry manufacturers due to their excellent resistance to various acids (sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid) and alkaline solutions.

High temperature Nickel Alloy Tube

Based on an austenitic structure, high temperature, high strength nickel-based alloys allow further increasing of specific alloying elements, such as chrome, molybdenum, tungsten, titanium, aluminium, niobium, etc. This leads to a very low iron concentration enabling the material to be employed within applications up to 1,100°C (2,012°F) in aggressive atmospheres. Available upon special request are titanium tubes for heat exchangers and bimetallic tubes for strippers in urea application.

Nickel Alloy Tube Features (Depending on Grades):

1.Excellent resistance to stress, pitting corrosion, crevice corrosion and localized corrosion at room temperature
2.Superior mechanical properties at room temperature
3.Superior corrosion resistance at elevated temperature
4.Good mechanical properties at elevated temperature   

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AlloyASTM Pipe Specifications
ASTM Pipe Specifications
UNSWerkstoff Equivalent
Alloy 20B729B464N080202.466
Nickel 200B161B622N022002.4060/2.4066
Nickel 201B161B622N022012.4061/2.4068
Monel 400B165B725N044002.436
Inconel 600B167B517N066002.4816
Inconel 625B444B705N066252.4856
Incoloy 800H/800HTB407B514N088111.4959
Incoloy 825B423N/AN088252.4858
Hastelloy C276B622B619N102762.4819

Our factory's production capacity is 150,000 tons per year, covering most of Europe, America, the Middle East and Australian market. Yizeng Steel Pipe is your the best partner in China.Yizeng supply Nickel Alloy Tube, if you have any demand, contact us:

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